The Perkin-Elmer MGA 1100 and the MGA 1200 gas analyzers are our primary product line.


Part Number

Air Filter 21202
Analyzer Housing Electro-polishing, cleaning and testing 11500-epanl
Analyzer Housing Electro-polishing, labor for cleaning, striping, reassembly and testing 11500-epanl-labor
Analyzer Power Supply/Rebuilt w/Trade-In 11680
Asco Kit Lower V5 (CORE, HOUSING, RED CAP, O'RING) 11040l
Asco Valve, Complete 11041
Assy. Correction Board, Empty 11721
Assy. Correction Board, Empty Rebuilt W/Trade-In 11721-r
Bulb Assy %/pumping 11930
Bulb On/Stand (set of five) 19101
By-pass Line, 15ml 11315
By-pass Line, 240ml 11350
By-pass Line, 60ml 11360
Calibration gas used during repair and refurbishing Cal Gas
Circuit Breaker Assy 15 amp 110v 110002
Circuit Breaker Assy 3.5 amp 220v 50 HZ 110003
Circuit Breaker Assy 7 amp 110v 110001
Control Relay 11417
Demister, Balston 11400-d
Digital Display, Complete 12278
Fan, Cooling 17000
Filament Assembly, MGA 11500
Filament Assembly, ICAMS 11510
Filament Lens Kit, MGA 11500-l
Flow Tree Assembly (t/c, 2 Asco valves, bypass fitting, and all fittings) 11450
Full Warranty parts and labor for one year Full Warran
Full sets of Advantage Systems and Parts 10000-adv
Gas Display Bulb (5v), (set of five) 11920
Gas Select Switch 11415
Heated Inlet Module 12000
High Voltage Cable, Ion Pump Power Supply 11201
ICAMS Emt Assembly 11511
Inlet Tee Fitting 12103
Inlet Valve Compression Fitting, MGA 1100 12104
Inlet Valve Fitting (from valve to tee fitting) 12102
Inlet & Clean Capillary Bulb (24v) (set of five) 11910
Inlet Capillary 15 ml/min 6 ft 12115-6
Inlet Capillary 60 ml/min 10 ft 12160-10
Inlet Capillary Filter (set of 10) 12151
Inlet Leak Assembly, MGA 1100 11300-a
Inlet Leak MGA 1100 11300
Inlet Leak MGA 1200 11301
Inlet Leak O-Ring, MGA 1100 (USE one) 11300-o
Inlet Leak O-Ring, MGA 1200 (USE two) 11301-o
Inlet Select Switch 11416
Inlet Valve O'RING (Set Of Ten) 12101
Inlet Valve Switch 11210
Ion Generator Heater 11500-h
Ion Generator Rebuilt W/trade-in 1100 11500-isr1
Ion Generator Rebuilt W/trade-in 1200 11500-isr2
Ion Generator Test Box 11500-t
Ion Generator Test Box Used Tested 11500-tu
Ion Generator, O-ring 11500-O
Ion Pump Element 11200
Ion Pump Element Flange 11201
Ion Pump Element With Dual Tant & Flange 11690
Ion Pump Element With Dual Tantalum 11200-dt
Ion Pump Element With Flange 11200-f
Ion Pump Power Supply/ REBUILT W/Trade-In 11200-dtf
Ion Pump Power Supply/ REBUILT W/Trade-In 50 HZ 11200-psr-50
Ion Pump PS transformer 50 HZ 11200-t-50
Ion Pump, O-ring 11201-O
J202 Mate connector (MS50PM124 Thumb Screws) 11411
J202 Mate connector (MS50PM124 Thumb Screws) male pins set of ten 11411-m
Service Labor Labor
Manifold Assembly, 4 Inlet 11303
Manifold Plug Assembly 11302
Mate TF Filter 240331
Mechanical Vacuum Pump W/Trade-in 11400
Mechanical Vacuum Pump REBUILT W/Trade-In 11400-r
Medo Pump, Advantage Constant Pump 11450
Miscellaneous Partsneeded for repair Misc
Oil Trap Copper Filler 11400-ot
On Switch 11414
PDU OR ADU used 23102
Per Diem Per Diem
Per Diem Goverment Rate (per Federal Rate for site) Per Diem Gov
Pump Oil 11400-o
PWB -10v Reference W/ Trade-In Rebuilt 11700-r
PWB 30 Sec Valve Timer W/ Trade-In Rebuilt 11701-r
PWB Auto Capillary BD W/ Trade-In Rebuilt 11702-r
PWB Electrometer High Gain 1100 W/ Trade-In Rebuilt 11703-r
PWB Electrometer High Gain 1200 W/ Trade-In Rebuilt 11704-r
PWB Electrometer Low Gain 1100 W/ Trade-In Rebuilt 11705-r
PWB Electrometer Low Gain 1200 W/ Trade-In Rebuilt 11706-r
PWB Emission Board Rebuilt W/ Trade-In Rebuilt 10220-r
PWB Extender Card 11500-e
PWB Low Voltage Power Supply W/ Trade-In Rebuilt 11707-r
PWB Summing Board W/ Trade-In Rebuilt 11708
PWB Temp Controller W/ Trade-In Rebuilt 11710-r
PWB Test Card 11709
PWB Vacuum Control Board W/ Trade-In Rebuilt 11711-r
Refurbished MGA 1100 1 year Warranty 2311100
Refurbished MGA 1100 1 year Warranty w/ Trade-In 2311100-t
Refurbished MGA 1200 2311200
Refurbished MGA 1200 w/ Trade-In 2311200-t
Signal Break Out Box 11500-b
Solid State Relay 10185
Standby Switch 11413
T/C Gauge (vacuum) 11410
T/C Gauge Connector 11412
Thermistor Assy Magnet 11200-tm
Turbo Pump W/Trade-in 11480
Travel Zone 1 Charge Travel Zone 1
Travel Zone 2 Charge Travel Zone 2
Travel Zone 3 Charge Travel Zone 3
Travel Zone 4 Charge Travel Zone 4
Turbo Controller W/Trade-in 11480-c
Turbo Lube Kit 11480-l
Viton Disc for Asco Valve 11040p